TTP-1 (44″x64″)  & TTP-2 (32″x44″)

The ThermTx® TTP heat presses are designed for the sublimation of fabric and metal parts – utilizing positional interlaced heater elements that are embedded within a Teflon coated aluminium plate. Precision temperature accuracy is achieved with point to point heat consistency and the elimination of cold cure spots. The entire work surface is usable and a floating single point cylinder maintains even pressure over seams etc. Their industrial design will ensure consistency in batch to batch production with minimal service or part replacement.

The ThermTx® TTP presses are a pneumatic industrial press with a 44″ x 64″ or 44″ x 32″ single or dual lower platen. The first in a series of large format sublimation presses specifically designed for the non-textile as well as the textile sublimation market.
Using edge-to-edge heating element technology, the press handles a wide variety of materials and increases throughput with nearly full use of the entire work surface. Substrates include any sublimation-ready aluminum photographic sheets, MDF and glass plates, any flat plastic substrates as well as synthetic textiles.


  • 360º access to lower platen
  • superior quality transfers on both non-textile and textile substrates
  • simultaneous preparation of substrates while working independently on both platens (dual platen option)
  • made of high-end materials and full-platen heating elements
  • safety features including 2 emergency stops
  • high-efficiency heat insulation
  • designed for 24/7 operation
  • proprietary heating elements provide for transfers up to the very edges of the working platens
  • high-efficiency heat insulation for safety and reduced energy consumption
  • perfect color-consistency on any substrate
  • Integrated protection paper dispenser





Base plate dimensions

44" x 32"

64"x 44"

Dimensions (W x D x H)

2800 x 1850 x 1950mm (110" x 73" x 77")

3540 x 2460 x 2280mm (139" x 97" x 89")

Working height

900mm (35.4")

960mm (37.8")


740Kg (1,630 lbs)

857Kg (1,890 lbs)

Heating power

13.5 kW

13.5 kW

Electric connection

230 VAC (3P+G) 50/60Hz

230 VAC (3P+G) 50/60Hz


37 A

37 A

Pneumatic connection

1.2 psi Max. printing pressure at 116 psi 10 lbs/in2

116 psi Max. printing pressure at 116 psi 10 lbs/in2

Printing time

0-9999 sec.

0-9999 sec.


Up to 410ºF

Up to 410ºF



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